zaterdag 24 februari Turkey: Friend or Foe?

Van 15:00 tot 17:30 In het Koorenhuis Prinsegracht 27, 2512 EW Den Haag

This event will focus on freedom of expression in Turkey. The position of Turkey is continuously shifting, one time it is perceived as a friend and at other times an enemy. One thing is evident, there is a clear clampdown on freedom of expression on all levels of society, such as lawyer’s academics journalists and artists. They have all been put down as result of the coup. Therefore, this discussion aims to evaluate the situation within Turkey.

The Panel:

Frederike Geerdink

A Dutch freelance journalist and author who specializes in reporting on Kurdish women and political issues in Turkey from Diyarbakir, where she was the lone foreign journalist based there between 2012-2015. She was twice arrested in Turkey and was deported on 9 September 2015.

Tayfun Balcik

A historian specialized in the modern history of Turkey. He wrote his thesis about the Armenian Genocide. In media outlets, he writes about history, multiculturalism and ethnic conflicts. He is also the Project Coordinator for the Armenian-Kurdish-Turkish program.

Mîrko Jouamér 

Has a background in Business Economics and Political Science. He has written his political science thesis about the ongoing war in Syria and is specialized in the politics of the Middle-East, in particular, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. He owns a financial and fiscal consultancy bureau in the Netherlands and also works as the financial secretary for The Hague Peace Projects.

Dries Lesage

Associate Professor, Ghent University. Global Governance/Turkish Politics. He is also the author of the book: 'Wat u niet mag weten over Turkije (What you may not know about Turkey)'